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callback function invoked at the end of rx by wirelessmoduleutility.
that's the word that a lot of people will day when they have the time when the weather is really beautiful and the sunshine is good.
rf terminator loads for a cellular telephone
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this class depends on the wireless module utility class.
are illegal and potentially dangerous
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wireless module utility (utility).
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when jamming is detected, honest nodes hop onto a different channel (given a multi-channel wireless protocol) to avoid being jammed.
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50 / 60 hz / ac 100 ~ 240v
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users can easily define their own jamming detection/mitigation strategies (classes) following the format in provided classes.
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our design goal is to abstract the underlying wireless phy layer protocol from the intelligence layer,
1-5 meters depending on signal strength and working environment,
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it uses existing channel (interference) model to simulate interference/noise in the wireless channel,
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where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected
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